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Bernard Hiller, aka “Bernardo” or “Bernie” Hiller, born April 18, 1962 is an actor, singer, dancer, international acting teacher, producer, writer, and success coach. Hiller was a Broadway performer in many musicals including “West Side Story” and Fiddler on the Roof”. He appeared in several TV shows and films such as Jean Paul in Raising Helen, and Max Lansky in Lansky.[1] He also appeared in over 200 TV commercials.[2]

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Bernard Hiller then moved to New York City and studied acting in New York City.[3] Hiller developed acting techniques and became a New York acting coach, and now lives in Los Angeles, where he trains professionals in Hollywood.[2]

The methods he has developed of “behavior transformation” are featured in the documentary “Pink Elephants”, which is due to be released later in the year.[4]

He is mainly focused on coaching actors, and teaches Master acting classes around the world. in Berlin, London, Rome,[5] and Los Angeles. He works with stars to teach them how to “shine” on the red carpet.[6] In all, he has been involved in teaching in 14 different countries.[7]

In Tel Aviv at the Peres Peace Center for Palestinians and Israelis,[8] Bernard held a special workshop. In several countries, including Italy and Spain, he was involved as a member of the jury of the film festivals that were held there.[5]

Many actors and actresses that are well-known have been started by Bernard.[9] This includes Cameron Diaz and Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl).[10] The techniques he teaches are featured in magazines, newspapers, and on television all over the world.[11]

He also did work on the Oscar-nominated “Surf’s Up.”[12]

His book, Stop Acting, Start Living, A Revolutionary Guide For Achieving Success in Show-Business and Life, is a self-help book that he wrote about life and show business . It Is also now available in Spanish and Russian.[10]

Brundibar is a new film that is currently involving his time as both a writer and a producer, and is based on a documentary called Children of Terezin, which he previously filmed. He is also producing Theatre projects in New York. [10]

Bernard also trains companies and CEOs on public speaking.[7] He is also on the Scientific Advisory Board of Neutrino Energy of the Future along with Stephen Hawking.